6 foot PVC Reptile Enclosure


72″ long and varying options on depth and height, Made of either 1/2″ thick white or black PVC. Cut with CNC equipment our products are cut and pre-drilled with precision so they are easy to assemble. Our cages also have the option of a cut out slot for a thermostat probe and an area for heat tape on the bottom of the cages. There is also a pocket on the front face of the cage for an optional lock.

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White, Black


15" Tall x 30" Deep, 18" Tall x 30" Deep, 20" Tall x 30" Deep, 24" Tall x 30" Deep, 30" Tall x 30" Deep, 36" Tall x 36" Deep, 36" Tall x 30" Deep, 48" Tall x 48" Deep, 48" wide x 48" Deep


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